Single-use products that fail to degrade are destroying our planet.

That’s why we’ve re-imagined the make-up of one of the world’s most common single-use products: the drinking straw. Using LOLIWARE®’s SEA Technology, we’ve created a straw that’s fit for its purpose, lasting only as long as you need it.

Introducing the Blue Carbon Straw

Our Blue Carbon straw symbolizes the critical role seaweed plays in tackling climate change and restoring the health of our ocean.

The world's ocean absorbs around 30% of the planet's carbon emissions, a portion of which becomes stored for millennia. Collectively, scientists refer to the ocean's stored carbon as "blue carbon". Seaweed, a key component of the Blue Carbon Straw, is one of the ocean’s most important forms of blue carbon.

At LOLIWARE®, we follow a five step process that transforms seaweed into pellets, and pellets into straws. This cycle is our unique methodology that allows us to swap plastic for seaweed.

Mineral Color

Seaweed Blend

Shell Powder

The Blue Carbon Straw Ingredients

Join the revolution around radical solutions.

Our Blue Carbon Straw is now fully commercialized and available to businesses of any size. Join us in swapping plastic for seaweed. Learn how you can take action.