Loliware Announces First International Partnership

February 23, 2023

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Seaweed materials firm Loliware announced today its latest partnership – a venture with Adept Food and Beverage (Adept FB), who offers one of Canada’s most complete line of cold and frozen beverage mixes, such as Blender Boyz and Slushtopia, and plant-based specialty foods. The partnership gives Adept a head-start in an increasingly competitive field, driven in part by the Canadian government’s ban on single-use plastic straws which goes into effect at the end of this year.

“Adept FB’s customers – primarily in the convenience and quick-serve restaurants space – are showing an increased interest in our vegan and plant-based offerings,” said Adept FB President Jim Jackson. “With the Canadian government’s vigorous effort to reduce single-use plastics, Loliware straws and similar replacement items will be central to reducing Canada’s plastic use and resulting environmental damage.”

Jackson’s decades of industry experience give him a unique perspective on the growing role of sustainable and regenerative materials, like Loliware’s seaweed-based straws. Based in Ontario, with distribution and sales assets across Canada, as well as major distributor, food and convenience channel relationships, Jackson said Adept FB is well positioned to launch and grow the Loliware product line across the country.

“The Loliware Team couldn't be more excited to support Canada's upcoming ban on single-use plastics,” said Loliware founder and CEO Sea F. Briganti. “We're starting with a bio-renewable and compostable solution to plastic straws and utensils, but really look forward to a deeper collaboration with Canadian food service businesses to address their future needs.”

Founded in 2016, Loliware is a leader among a growing number of regenerative businesses focusing on materials that support a stronger ecosystem. Loliware’s seaweed-derived resins are fully compatible with existing manufacturing plastic extruding equipment, providing a unique, cost-effective way to replace single-use plastics at scale. The seaweed can be processed into Loliware’s materials at local facilities and made into a wide array of products which compost easily and enrich the soil.

“Demand for seaweed-based products promotes the creation of seaweed-farming operations in coastal communities worldwide,” Briganti added. “This not only creates jobs where they are needed most, but these undersea forests filter and oxygenate oceans while capturing carbon.”


Loliware is an award-winning materials tech company focused on replacing single-use plastics with seaweed-derived alternatives that are Designed to Disappear®. As the first company worldwide to truly scale seaweed as a viable replacement for plastic, Loliware's innovative "SEA Technology ® (Seaweed-derived, Emission-avoiding, Alternatives to plastic) represents a new category of sustainable, regenerative resins derived from seaweed – a bio-renewable and carbon-capturing input. The first product launch in the category is the Loliware drinking straw. SEA Technology® resins are currently being applied to single-use items, such as straws, cups, utensils and films to advance our planet toward a plastic-free, decarbonized future.

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