Introducing Our New Seaweed Resins and Seaweed Utensil Set!

May 16, 2023

This week, we're in London, UK at the 2023 Rethinking Materials Innovation and Investment Summit, where we just announced the launch of our newest seaweed resin for injection molding. This new biomaterial will power our first-ever Seaweed Utensil Set and be manufactured on standard plastics injection-molding equipment. 

These new products will easily fill a market gap created by the United Kingdom’s recent ban on single-use utensils, in addition to the ban on single-use plastics under the EU Plastics Directive. These new utensils represent our formal launch into the European andU.K. markets, meaning our products will be widely available for businesses to purchase or license.

At the event, we also introduced our newest advisory board member Jeff Wooster, the former Global Sustainability Director at Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, and offered demonstrations of the new products. We're also meeting with potential distribution partners for our new line of Seaweed Utensil Sets, as well as our popular Seaweed Straws in all sizes – standard, jumbo, boba and cocktail.

It's an exciting time for all of us at Loliware as we take the next step toward a plastic-free future--and the best is yet to come.

Our Seaweed Utensils and Injection Molding Resins are ready for pre-order by contacting