A note from the Founder & Chief Executive of LOLIWARE Inc. Sea F. Briganti

April 25, 2020

The next generation of LOLIWARE is here, and it’s been quite a journey.

After experiencing challenges scaling a new material with our first product—an edible drinking cup made from seaweed—we had a key realization: food technology is not well-suited for mass production at a competitive price point. To effectively address the global plastic crisis, we needed to design for scale.

This realization gave rise to the next generation of LOLIWARE.

I believe game-changing innovation comes at the intersection of diverse ideas, world views and industries. After several years of R&D, perseverance, and collaboration, we’ve achieved what was previously thought to be impossible: The LOLIWARE Team has created a seaweed-derived material technology that can be mass-manufactured on existing plastic processing equipment. 

SEA TECHNOLOGY™ is the first-ever seaweed-based pellet poised to replace plastic at scale.

Our multi-patent pending seaweed pellets can be processed into any type of packaging, using the same equipment that makes traditional petroleum-based plastics. Because of its universal compatibility with existing plastic-manufacturing equipment, there are virtually no adoption barriers. LOLIWARE is now working with plastics industry leaders to scale rapidly. Thanks to our new partnership with Global Plastics manufacturer, Sinclair & Rush, we’ve launched our first application of SEA TECHNOLOGY™: A  seaweed drinking straw. 

Now is the time to swap plastic for seaweed.

Climate change and plastic pollution are the defining issues of our time, ruinous to both planetary and human health. It's going to take a global effort to change course and we all have a part to play. SEA TECHNOLOGY™ is our contribution towards a plastic-free future.

To all the people who have supported our journey—from our core team, advisors, and board to our early customers, collaborative partners, investors and advocates—my deepest thanks. We would not be here today if it weren’t for your unwavering support and belief.

Thank you for being an essential part of our journey.

- Sea