Can I really eat your products?

Yes! The entire product is biodegradable and edible, hence biodegr(edible)! Since LOLIWARE is a food, it’s safe to eat, 100% all natural, and FDA approved.

What does LOLIWARE taste like?

LOLIWARE tastes like a delicious adult fruit roll-up.

What does LOLIWARE feel like?

LOLIWARE is both flexible and pliable so it’s easy to eat, and structurally sturdy. When LOLIWARE is filled with a cold liquid or dessert, the cup becomes even sturdier.

Hmm, what about germs?!

Each cup comes with a compostable paper sleeve as a place to hold and serve guests. This acts as a barrier for hygienic purposes, and also keeps any stickiness off your hands. Think of handling LOLIWARE just as you would any other food, similar to an ice cream cone or even an appetizer that you would eat with clean hands.

Is LOLIWARE sticky on your hands?

LOLIWARE has a natural confectionery coating applied to the surface to prevent stickiness. ALSO coming very soon: special paper "LOLI-sleeves" that wrap around the bottom of each cup as a barrier between your hand and LOLIWARE (all compostable of course).

What are the ingredients in LOLIWARE?

LOLIWARE is made from organic sweeteners, filtered water, seaweed (agar-agar), and flavors and colors derived from fruits and vegetables.

What are the calories in a LOLIWARE edible cup?

LOLIWARE is made from organic cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, filtered water, seaweed (agar-agar), and flavors and colors derived from fruits and vegetables. Each cup is 135 calories.

Is LOLIWARE certified non-gmo and gluten-free?

We are still waiting for our formal certifications but unofficially, LOLIWARE is 100% NON-GMO AND GLUTEN-FREE.

Is there gelatin in LOLIWARE?

LOLIWARE is made from SEAWEED and is 100% GELATIN-FREE.

Is LOLIWARE vegan?

When we presented LOLIWARE on sharktank, our cups were uncoated and vegan. In order to increase shelf life and decrease potential sticking issues, LOLIWARE is now coated with a confectionery coating that does contain shellac and beeswax. We do not use animal-derived gelatin in any of our products.

What Is The Shelf Life And How Should I Store LOLIWARE?

LOLIWARE lasts for 12 months if kept sealed in original packaging. Please store cups in a cool, dry environment. Do not refrigerate.

Why would I want to eat my cup?

For several reasons. LOLIWARE is a delicious alternative to disposable cups that are destined for landfill. When you eat a LOLIWARE cup, there is no trace left behind. If you prefer not to eat the whole cup, simply toss it into your home compost where it will return to the earth in 60 days.

LOLIWARE is a fully eco-friendly experience that adds fun and sustainability to celebrations of all kinds.

What is the pattern on the cup all about?

The matte surface, textured pattern helps you grip the cup and is designed for beauty and function. We will be launching more beautiful design patterns in 2017-2018.

When should I use LOLIWARE?

Replace all disposable cups with LOLIWARE. Our cups are perfect for any occasion and are especially great for high-waste events such as weddings, parties, food fairs, conferences, conventions, concerts, outdoor festivals, marathons, etc. Because you can either eat the cup or home compost it, there is no trace left behind. LOLIWARE is the future of waste-free disposables.

Can I compost LOLIWARE?

Yes, please do. That is, of course, if you haven’t already eaten it! LOLIWARE is home compostable and will go from cup to soil in 60 days.

How long can LOLIWARE hold a drink?

Your drink will be long gone before the cup breaks down! You can continue to use and refill a LOLIWARE cup throughout the length of an event. LOLIWARE is designed to serve frozen, chilled, or room temperature drinks and desserts.

Can I serve hot liquids in LOLIWARE?

No. LOLIWARE can only be used with drinks that are room temperature or colder.

Do You Make Custom Flavors Or Colors?

Yes! Please inquire with for custom LOLIWARE cups.

How many flavors do you have?

Five! Our current collection includes Yuzu Citrus, Tart Cherry, Matcha Green Tea, and Unflavored Clear. We release new flavors seasonally.

How is LOLIWARE packaged?

LOLIWARE is packaged in a fully home compostable cellulose film and recyclable paper. We urge customers to compost LOLIWARE packaging and/or recycle the paper. Our new packaging is was designed by Yves Behar and the award-winning firm, Fuse Project.

Do You Ship Outside The U.S.?

Please visit for international shipping

Can You Ship Bulk Amounts For Big Events?

Yes! Please contact