VICE Impact's Feature on LOLIWARE: "Eat Your Plastic Cups and Plates Instead of Throwing Them Away"

LOLIWARE was recently featured in a VICE Impact article titled, "Eat Your Plastic Cups and Plates Instead of Throwing Them Away." After inventing the notion of eating your packaging back in 2010 when they first launched their first Edible Cups concept to the public, the team has pushed the concept even further with their marketing campaign "Designed to Disappear" which is built around the company's belief that products should be designed to disappear if they are to exist at all.
"LOLIWARE's edible cups are perhaps the best known of the compostable-disposables movement". -Vice Impact
With the goal of reintroducing sustainability as fun-forward and ripe with experiential possibilities, LOLIWARE invents new flavors every season and even optimizes the cups with nutritional benefit. For example, with their invention of LOLIVITA, they embedded a food-based all natural multi vitamin into the cup, thereby incentivizing individuals to consume the entire vessel. If you #eatyourcup, you'll have eaten your vitamins for the day! LOLIWARE also imagines a future where people can eat other forms of packaging to make them disappear, such as straws. In 2017, the team will launch the world’s first edible, compostable straw: LOLISTRAWaimed at replacing the 500M plastic straws that are used and discarded every day in the United States.
"We needed to think beyond plastic and even bioplastic to create a product that is truly compostable, safe for the environment, and non-toxic for people. That product is LOLIWARE." - Founders, Chelsea Briganti & Leigh Ann Tucker