Color splash Sorbet

We're playing with color today at the LOLI kitchen :) This is a shaved ice + sorbet sundae mash-up, no machines required!  Coconut sorbet scoops drizzled with bright syrups for a splash of color.  Everyone can create (and eat) their own masterpiece.

Here's the how-to in 3 steps

  1. This dessert will will taste and look great in any of our flavors and colors, find the entire LOLIWARE Edible Cup selection and order at the store. Or just go with our favorite of the week, CITRUS!
  2. Make a simple syrup base by heating 1 part cane sugar to 1 part water till dissolved. Divide into 3 - 5 bottles, then add in natural vegetable food colorings to each bottle creating a spectrum of colors to your eyes liking. India Tree Colors are available at Whole Foods or on Amazon. For easy drizzling, store them in bottles with syrup spouts.
  3. Scoop coconut sorbet into your LOLIWARE Cups, add your color syrup splash, eat it!