3x Edible Floral Drink Ideas

3x edible floral drink ideas from 3x of our local Beacon, New York friends, plus edible flowers from Windfall Farms!

1. Isoseles Sour Ale from Hudson Valley Brewery: (above) "A sour farmhouse ale aged in oak with pineapple, orange flowers, and vanilla beans." Served in Yuzu Citrus LOLIWARE

2. Spring Tonic from Drink More Good: (below left) This hand crafted syrup blends gentian root, lemon verbena, hyssop, and allspice. Mix 1/2oz syrup with sparkling water (plus a splash of gin if you'd like!) in Tart Cherry LOLIWARE 

3. Lavender Peach Kombucha from Pilot Kombucha(below right) "Perfect for a hot summer morning or a crisp fall day and delicious with bourbon." Served in Tart Cherry LOLIWARE

LOLIWARE edible tart cherry cup with drink more good spring tonic soda  LOLIWARE edible tart cherry cup with pilot kombucha peach lavender